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Quantity Surveying Services

As Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Anderson Williamson are committed to providing a comprehensive financial service which delivers to our clients best value and quality for their money while focusing on the individual client’s objectives for their project.

Whether our client is initiating a building project to produce a functional building for their own use or as an investment Anderson Williamson has a wealth of experience which has allowed us to develop our service to ensure successful management of the financial aspects of the project.

Because Anderson Williamson is a firm which has developed and changed over its 50 years in business, to meet the changing demands of the market, our clients receive up to date advice and expert service at all stages of the construction process, including value engineering, cost planning, tender procurement, construction cost control through to account settlement and loan monitoring.


Specific Quantity Surveying Services:-

  • Initial Cost Advice / Feasibility Studies
  • Budget Estimating & Cost Planning
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Assessment
  • Life Cycle / Whole Life Costing
  • Advice on Contract Procedures
  • Preparation of Contract Documentation
  • Cost Control during Construction
  • Valuation of Work
  • Settlement of Final Account

Initial Cost Advice / Feasibility Studies

To achieve best value for money for projects, Anderson Williamson Ltd can provide the analytical services to establish their feasibility/viability.
Cost must be weighed against aesthetics, quality, space, time, historical and local data. Collaboration between the project team members will bring maximum benefit to the client at this stage.

Budget Estimating & Cost Planning

The initial budget cost is established by reference to cost data derived from previous projects, knowledge of the local construction market, benchmarking etc. The Project Budget Estimate is prepared on an elemental basis so that specific budgets are set for each element to establish limits within which it is allowed to develop. As the Project develops, each element is checked to ensure it remains within its limit and the overall Project Budget Estimate remains secure.

Value Engineering

Anderson Williamson Ltd can provide Value Engineering services to the Client. Each element of the Project Budget Estimate can be examined to establish that the Project Design represents best value for money. A value for money assessment must weigh cost against aesthetics, quality space and time. All members of the project team need to be involved to ensure maximum benefit to the Client. Anderson Williamson will if required implement the most up to date Value Engineering techniques during the design stages of a project to facilitate the selection of the most economic construction solutions

Risk Assessment

During all stages of the project Anderson Williamson Ltd can review the relevant risks. We can use our considerable experience combined with the Quantitative Risk Assessment techniques to assess these risks. Risks can be many and varied including but not limited to programme risks, cost overrun, legislative changes etc. The results of our assessment can be presented in a manner tailored to suit the Client's requirements

Life Cycle / Whole Life Costing

Life cycle costing considers the costs resulting from fulfilling a particular Client requirement or use and which arise from initial provision of the facilities through to the anticipated life span. These costs include initial capital costs, subsequent operating costs and replacement or renewal at stages of the life cycle. All these factors require evaluation and should be included in the decision making process at feasibility stage. 

Advice on Contract Procedures

Anderson Williamson Ltd specialise in tailoring contract procedures to suit a Client's specific requirements as regards cost control. Areas of consideration include contracting strategy, procurement methods, tender analysis, contract negotiation contract, contract administration etc.

Preparation of Contract Documentation

Anderson Williamson Ltd can provide expert advice on the adequacy of the levels of insurance, liquidated damages, dates for completion etc.

Cost Control during Construction

Anderson Williamson Ltd provide the Cost Control services that have proven successful on all our Client's projects to date. For a project to be successful there must be a balance between scope, schedule and budget. Our expertise enables the Project Budget Estimate to reflect the Project Scope and the Project Schedule and maintain the balance through the life of the project. To provide the successful balance it is necessary during the construction to employ rigorous cost control procedures. Variations should be continuously monitored and cost reports updated to reflect the current position to the Client. It is imperative that good records are kept and good control is maintained in the field. If potential cost over-runs are identified in advance then a recovery plan can be developed in a timely manner to mitigate the impact to the overall budget. 

Valuation of Work

Anderson Williamson Ltd services include for Monthly Valuations of work-in-progress to be carried out in order to make stage payments to the contractor. This includes the physical measurement of the work on the site and materials delivered. Cash flow projections may be provided to indicate the Client's anticipated monthly expenditure throughout the construction stage.

Settlement of Final Account

Anderson Williamson Ltd can provide the processes and procedures to achieve progressive close out on projects. The advantage of this is that it gives both the Client and the Contractor a degree of cost certainty that is not achieved under more traditional Final Account approaches and reduces the lag time between project completion on Final Account settlement.


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